Bournemouth Air Show 2018

It’s time for the famous Bournemouth Air show to arrive on the golden sands of Bournemouth’s far reaching beaches. In what is expected to be the biggest show to date, an estimated 1 million people are expected to hit the town to take in the sights, and see all that Bournemouth has to offer. There’s certainly plenty of activities and displays to keep everyone thoroughly entertained. 

With performances from the RAF Red Arrows, Breitling Jet Team and a first for this years festival… an aerial display with two jet suit pilots, who will be taking to the skies and demonstrating the latest frontier in human flight.. this is surely not to be missed.

At the Balincourt Hotel we’re welcoming guests to kick back and relax and take in the peaceful surroundings, and enjoy all that this years festival has to offer. Situated only a short walk from the beach, you’ll be in prime place to watch the displays and even catch the Royal Marines as they attempt to ‘Storm the Beach’ in an adrenaline fuelled display of military might. 

To check out more of what’s on, and to see all of the individual displays in more detail – head on over to

Not staying at the hotel during the festival? No problem, you can pop in for tea, or even try some of our much loved coffee, roasted fresh each day.


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